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Dwight Duncan The Duke of deficits opens a new chapter in Ontario’s have not status


The Duke of deficits Dwight Duncan steered Ontario’s floundering economic flagship on further into uncharted waters with the Liberals 2010 budget. By job creation for the economy not being the main focus of the Ontario Liberals the province has a chance to sink deeper into the mire of a have not province. Leader of the Ontario PCs Tim Hudak forcefully spoke out against the Liberals latest budget. This budget is a real step back for young people who are just entering the workforce there will be more competition for entry-level jobs because of Dalton Dawdling on the economy.

“Dalton McGuinty had the opportunity to demonstrate that Ontario has a plan to once again become the best place in the world to invest, start a business and create jobs. But he failed to provide a plan that would put jobs first.”

Once the engine of Canada’s economy, Ontario will see its equalization payments triple and its cherished public services threatened by reckless spending,

“While other provinces pull themselves into recovery, Ontario’s plunge into have-not status has accelerated.

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