CBC pollster wants liberals to start culture war

CBC pollster Frank Graves has suggested to the Liberals in a Lawrence Martin article that they would be best served to start a culture war in Canada. It seems what is old is new again making the Western Canada it’s whipping boy by any means is not a new idea. You just have to look back to the statements of former Liberal strategist and political rainmaker Keith Davies when he famously pontificated, screw the West we will take the rest. The Trudeau era Liberals sentiments it seems aren’t lost on a new generation of Liberals who seem to think their only path to power is by alienating large segments of Western Canada. At the same time the Liberals will demonize the conservatives for bringing a divisive tone to politics. The irony of this political strategy is rich as the Liberal party has traditionally been the party who has pitted central Canada against Western Canada and Canadian against Canadian to gain power. Furthermore going back to alienating the West is a well that has almost run dry. The West more and more is becoming one of the more significant economic factors in Canada. Would any political party truly want to alienate the province that has the most economic sway in your country. If they go down this path this is poison pill of a political strategy for the Liberals to swallow.

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