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CBCs Heather Mallick On The Warpath


Once in a blue moon Heather Mallick   draws the ire of some Blogging Tories. Mallick is a left-wing columnist who is most famous for her work with the CBC. She loves to pontificate how the world is and how she would like it to be. An Interesting insight into Ms. Mallick is on her bio page where it states that she has an upcoming work of personal essays being published. “Cake or Death, is a collection of essays about surviving the Bush years”.

A  few questions have to be asked;  why is Mallick who is a Canadian journalist and who writes for an English paper, is writing a memoir about an American president and did she live in the United States?

Also surviving is an interesting word because it usually conjures up images of struggle and being deprived of the basic necessities of life. I wonder where all the books about the  Clinton Chronicles written by right-wingers are ? The Short answer is there isn’t any. Instead we get books about the vast media conspiracy against Bill Clinton.  Mallick’s work is a symptom of the left- wings need to have victims and heroes to suit their media narratives. As well, this is an example of how much of an echo chamber Canadian journalism has now become.

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