Ignatieff Thinks He is Better Than You

Last night as Michael Ignatieff was wrapping himself in the political flag of the Liberal party’s past. Banging the drum for all the past achievements of the Liberal party,  an arrogant odour could have been distinctly detected when Ignatieff proclaimed  that his 30 years away from Canada made him supremely qualified to understand Canada and Canadians. This open evidence of arrogance can be one of the reasons why Canadians are not warming to the Liberal leader. Average Canadians like a streak of humility running through most of their public officials in less your name is Trudeau. This is not the first time that Ignatieff has displayed an arrogant attitude towards Canada and Canadians. Here are some of his greatest hits.this is what he really thinks about Canada.

In the case of the Canadian flag, I cannot forget that it is a passing imitation of a beer label.” (The Observer, 1990)

“The only thing I missed about Canada [while I was gone for 34 years] was Algonquin Park.” (Macleans, 2006)

“It’s disgusting in my own country, but Canadians would rather bitch about their rich neighbour to the south than pay the note.” (Dublin, Ireland, 2005)

“If I am not elected, I imagine I will ask Harvard to let me back.” (Harvard Crimson, Nov 30 2005)

Look at the bright side if he fails in politics there’s always home sweet Harvard to go back to.

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