Liberals and Conservatives Are Like Night and Day

Can Liberals really think differently than Conservatives.? When this was first put to me  by one of my former professors I thought it was an ideological joke. However;  there might be credence to the argument that there is a difference in the way Liberals and Conservatives perceive the world. This difference is what makes the decisions that they choose to pursue totally different.

Liberals Are from Mars, Conservatives Are from Earth
By Robin of Berkeley

One of the things I like so much about writing for American Thinker is the comments page. Readers offer so much: tips for books to read, quotes to ponder, spiritual inspiration. And then there are times when the comments absolutely floor me.

I was shocked that readers were shocked about my previously viewing Marxism as sublime. I was astonished that readers were astonished about my young client’s freak-out about Styrofoam.

I realized that liberals really do live on another planet. Sometimes I feel like I’m having a Close Encounter of the Political Kind. 

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