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Sir John A. Macdonald honoured as Canada’s Founding Father in Scotland

Sir John A. Macdonald the first Prime Minister of Canada and surely in the pantheon of Conservative leaders was honoured in his birthplace of Scotland earlier today. Not only did he unite us as a country politically. As well he created the conditions for a geographic union by building the Canadian Pacific Railway. These are all Canadian achievements spearheaded by a Conservative leader. Truly it was a Conservative dream that built Canada but it is Canadians that make it great.

Scotland has long enjoyed a close bond with Canada and its people. It is a relationship which stretches back centuries and continues today with our strong social, cultural and economic links.
“The early Scots who left these shores from the Highlands, and elsewhere in Scotland, left an incredible mark on Canada – you only need to look at how many towns, rivers and mountains have been named in honour of Scottish explorers, traders and adventurers to see the impact they had and the affection in which they are still held.
“Sir John A. Macdonald is one of Scotland’s most famous sons and had a huge impact on Canada and its people. He is credited with creating the building blocks of the modern country we all know today and has strong links with the Highlands and Baden och.”

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