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Sovereigntists Fight Over The Same Old Battleground Again


The Plains of Abraham are being fought for all over again. Apparently a Sovereigntist group is upset about public money going to what they see, as an Anglo takeover of a French music and cultural festival. Now I don’t agree with separatists on any issue or vision for the country. However,  these groups still represent a sliver of Quebec’s culture and political class. In this case I think they are totally overreacting. Over half the passes for this festival/venue are sold already for acts such as, The Black-Eyed Peas. Obviously the people of Quebec aren’t that concerned about a quota when it comes to their culture and festivals. Quebec culture is a great piece of the Canadian mosaic and should not be overly protected nor regulated to it’s basest by people who are afraid of the withering vine of time. Quebec culture is what helped create this great  Country called Canada and it will be here at its end.   So please give it a rest already, and think of Canada as a whole!

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