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Weeds Growing Around McGuinty Legacy

The Ontario liberals legacy will be one of, over regulation and over taxation. However with this said the liberals still have the advantages of having their hands on the levers of power. Simply put, today weeds tomorrow the world. The liberals seem to want to save Ontarians  from themselves. Conservatives want to let government get out of the way of the individuals and ambition that will make this a better province. Tim Hudak has the message and motivation that might appeal to middle-class Ontarians. The Progressive Conservative party is creating a home for people who might be fed up with the protectionist’s at Queens Park.

While we are focused on creating jobs and defending the family budget, the nanny premier is worried about saving you from the menace of the plastic bag and protecting dandelions on your front lawn,’

This would be an appropriate time, however, for the Liberals to take stock of the legacy left by their seven-year ban-wagon. They could do more to stop smoking if, rather than obsessing on how convenience stores display tobacco, they did something to stop the sale of cheap, untaxed, contraband cigarettes to schoolchildren. Moreover, the Liberals ought to consider the accumulative effect of all their bans.

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