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Minister John Baird Had A Right To Be Heard

Today, while the Liberals and NDP were trying to score partisan points against the Conservatives in the Government operations committee, John Baird was just trying to assert his right as an elected member of the Crown and take ministerial responsibility for his actions. Our democratic system is born from the tradition of responsible government.  If the Liberals and NDP will continue to play political games by denying a minister’s right to speak, this would be  a clear violation of the sacred spirit of our democracy.
Any member of Parliament, any one of the 308 members of Parliament, are entitled to come to committee, they are entitled to be heard,” Baird said. “And Madame Chair, while I cannot vote, I am an elected member of Parliament and I am here to be heard. And I appreciate that it only took me 50 times to be able to ask to be heard, because you don’t know the rules, and it is an absolute disgrace. I’m here as a member of Parliament, and I have every…

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