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NDP Plays Reckless Games With Canada’s National Security

The last 24 hours has shown why most Canadians don’t consider the NDP a  viable mainstream option. First with the anti-Israel comments dropping like a nuclear bomb out of deputy leader Libby Davies mouth. Saying no less than Israel is basically an occupying power and has no right to exist. This morning the public finds out that the NDP has backed out of a deal to responsibly release the Afghan detainee documents. Instead the NDP rather put partisan politics before the people who serve this nation. If the NDP were a serious party they would see that most Canadians want to know the truth but they also want responsible due process when dealing with national security secrets. the NDP are a coalition of Toronto socialists and hard left zealots thrown in with the occasional “truthers”.  The NDP have a real danger of narrowing their base to the point of political irrelevance.

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