The Food Police Attack McDonald’s

Fast food and cola wars, I can’t take it anymore. The Progressive Puritans known as the food police have now turned their wrath towards the ” Golden Arches”. Yes the food police want to now outlaw the selling of toys with happy meals. As if selling a toy with a burger is some type of high crime against humanity. A culture of progressive paternalism has arisen where moral crusaders are now not just satisfied on making the world better but in their own image. Nutritional choices should be up to individuals and families, not nannies . The food police  should be told to butt out  they are another form of creeping collectivism that is poisoning  the ideal of individualism. Hell is paved with good intentions and the same can be said about over- regulation. Also, bringing in sweeping changes has the adverse effect of sweeping out the competition. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t compete in  a marketplace that is regulated to death.

You can get a simple plain hamburger with low-fat milk and fresh apple slices, and that’s actually a meal that fits in with dietary guidelines. That’s a reasonable choice,” said Ayoob.
Ultimately, Ayoob said it “becomes a parenting issue of who is in charge. My parents never had any difficulty telling me no.”

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