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The Political Genius Of Laureen Harper

As Stephen Harper shines on the world stage playing host during the upcoming G8 and G. 20 Summit in Toronto. Harper’s star would not be able to shine so brightly without the thoughtful political genius of Laureen Harper. Harper  would not be a fully formed political entity that he is today without the help from his wife, Mrs. L Harper. It’s clear that Mrs. Harper keeps her hand on the pulse of not public opinion and popular culture as well.  Mrs. Harper is considered one of the strongest women in the capital and has an overwhelmingly positive influence on the prime minister. With the distance of time and hindsight of history we might fully understand the Harper’s as a political team.

“She’s an enormous asset to him,” says long-time friend John Reynolds, who served as interim Canadian Alliance leader until Harper took over in 2002. “Of all the prime ministerial wives going back to Louis St. Laurent — and I guess I’m dating myself here — she’s probably the most astute of anyone we’ve ever had . . . She’s worked very, very hard to get him where he is today.”

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