War Against The Political Machine

There is a growing mood in the United States for elected officials to go to Washington  to fix government not to be government. This article makes the case that the time is right for anti-incumbency candidates to challenge the status quo of the liberal elitists who believe that Government is just another form of entitlement.

 ABC News Survey, only 29% of Americans said that they were inclined to support their House representative in November. That’s  even lower percentage than in October 1994 (34%), on the eve of the Republican takeover of Congress when voters swept the Democrats out of power in that chamber after 40 years in the majority. Even more striking were the findings of a recent Gallup poll, where by a margin of nearly two-to-one (60%-32%) voters said they would rather vote for a candidate for Congress with no experience whatsoever than for a candidate who has been in Congress.
This anti-incumbent, anti-Washington mood is pushing voters to support Republicans and widening the enthusiasm gap between the two parties. The disproportionately high turnout of Republican primary voters in New Jersey, California and Iowa—three states with significantly more registered Democrats than Republicans—demonstrates that at the very least Republican voters are more energized and are mobilizing to a greater degree than their Democratic counterparts

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