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Conservatives Need To Stand Up And Repudiate Liberalism

William Kristol lends ideological weight to one of Sarah Palin’s tweets heard around the world. It is true a as conservatives of all stripes and diverse inclinations we have to stand up and beat back the advancing  brigades of big government

from the weekly standard William Kristol

The Declaration of Independence—and the successful struggle for freedom that followed—depended, then, on a grand refudiation of the existing arrangements under which America labored. The Constitution similarly depended on a refudiation of the Articles of Confederation. It required both an argument as to why they were failing and action to replace them. Each of our big, realigning elections—in 1860, 1896, 1932, 1980—reflected a refudiation of the political status quo. Politics is both argument and action. Realignment depends on refudiation.

We are conservatives. We ordinarily shun novelties of all kinds, including new words. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The Obama project is one of noxious ideology and wild political overreach. The challenge before conservatives is to beat back both. So say it loud and say it proud: Refudiate liberalism now!

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