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Dalton’s Latest Tax Unleashes Green Rage

The jolly green giant government of Dalton McGuinty is content in finding new and unique ways to tax and over-regulate the hard-working people of Ontario. McGuinty’s newest tax burden takes aim at the wallets of middle-class Ontarians,  which is the much-maligned and discussed new Eco-tax. The new tax overtly raises the prices of household goods from smoke detectors to sunscreen and everything in between the prices on these items has been increased since the harmonization of taxes on July 1, 2010.

A bad case of the blame game is now going around Queen’s Park, the Liberal government is blaming stewardship Ontario for the tax increase the guilty governments agency is accusing the Liberal government of first co-operation and compliance with the new tax.  Whoever is at fault this is clearly another example that shows the Ontario Liberals are becoming more out of touch with the tone and tenor, and needs of average Ontarians. The Liberals are more comfortable carving out their own enclaves within special interest groups than dealing with the broad and deep economic issues facing Ontario in the next generation.

The McGuinty government are serial liars when it comes to controlling government spending and taxes.  When you start hearing a liberal talk about taxes the only thing you have to worry about is how much are my taxes going to go up.

In 2003 and 2007 McGuinty swindled the Ontario public by saying that he would not raise taxes;  he has proved that his credibility on this issue is as worthless as the paper it’s written on. Enough with broken promises, enough with the distortions Ontario needs real leadership in a time of economic toil. Tim Hudak’s PC party is the only credible opposition that can take on the megalomaniacs of the McGuinty government. If you’re an Ontarian and feels overtaxed and overburdened by government ; if you think it’s time for responsibility and real leadership to be restored, there is only one party that can restore fiscal sanity. The Ontario Progressive Conservative party.

Today, I am calling on Dalton McGuinty to scrap his eco tax grab before another Ontario parent pays it on bath toys or sunblock for their kids and before another Ontario senior pays it on laundry detergent or batteries for their TV remote. And if McGuinty Liberals won’t scrap this tax, then a PC Government will.”
–Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

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