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Liberal Bias at Journalism School Inside the Echo Chamber

The medium is the message but the messenger should matter. This article uncovers the “shocking” truth of journalism schools being incubators for liberal bias.

It’s not so much the liberal bias that bothers me;  however,  it is the fact that some media outlets are trapped in an echo chamber where the same old opinions are being batted to and fro.  It is like thirty different ping-pong matches happening all at once but with the same result.
As a consequence, we now live in a society with a wealth of information but a lack of understanding on a broad variety of issues. For this very reason Sun TV news will be a welcomed addition to the Canadian media landscape asking the hard questions and hopefully getting the answers

People often complain about media bias. They say media outlets only cater to the right or the left; that there is no media objectivity anymore. Perhaps, they are right. After spending some time on the Hill, it seems like the media and Congress reflect each other. There is no middle ground.

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