Low Income Canadians Least Likely To Get Care In Canada

Canadians need to start a discussion about what they really want out of their health care. Not a partisan fueled debate to see which side is more ideologically pure. Instead of a real discussion about how satisfied are Canadians with their health care system. This becomes especially important with an ageing baby boomer population and rising health care costs.

Recently the Canadian Medical Association came out with their latest annual report on the status of our healthcare system. The report summarized that we are now failing, not only all five fundamental principles of universal healthcare but the neediest in our society.

Now, I’m not one who looks to the United States as the land of milk and honey when it comes to solving any perceived systemic problems. in our own healthcare system.

Many countries maintain mixed systems that have some universality, but at the same time work hand-in-hand with the private sector as well. Maybe in a mixed system, we would see less emphasis on just treating disease and more emphasis placed on trying to manage patients’ pain. If Canadians cannot look at themselves in the mirror and honestly critique and improve their own public policy how can we then scale the heights of greatness in the 21st-century?

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