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McGuinty Cabinet Shuffle Sign of Liberals Sinking Ship

It is widely expected tomorrow that premier Dad Dalton McGuinty will try to plug some leaks in public opinion by shuffling his cabinet. The news is that Minister of the environment John Gerretsen will have to fall on his sword and pay the price for the premiers ill-advised eco-tax. By not listening to the people of Ontario the Premier has unleashed the green rage of Ontarians and had to sacrifice a cabinet minister for political expediency.

Source Globe and Mail

There was a damaging ombudsman’s report about the Liberals’ much-maligned local health networks, and wide-spread criticism of a so-called secret law regarding police powers during the G20 summit.

So it’s no surprise Mr. McGuinty wants to shake up the cabinet, and perhaps bring in some new faces.

Former Winnipeg mayor Glenn Murray and former Ottawa mayor Bob Chiarelli both won by-elections for the government earlier this year and are widely considered contenders for cabinet.

Environment Minister John Gerretsen could be forced to take a bullet over the eco- fees fiasco, with one source suggesting John Wilkinson could move over from Revenue after successfully handling the HST.

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