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The Liberals Northern roadmap to Nowhere

The far north act is a dead end for everyone involved unless you’re the provincial government who is pushing forward with their progressive protectorate.

Of course the government knows what’s best for you better than you do. Also the economy of the North would be  severely impacted by not being able to have certainty in developing natural resources.

The Liberal government has shown that they rather hobble an entire region for political gain than do what’s right for the entire province.

Source  Toronto Sun

While northerners don’t expect government hand-outs, they also don’t expect intrusive legislation from a remote provincial government in the south.

Yet that’s what’s happening with the Far North Act, which would put half the land north of the 51st parallel out of bounds for development. Worse, the government hasn’t said which 50% of land is off the table.”

Conservative leader Tim Hudak says he will scrap the Far North Act if he becomes premier.

“Basically it will freeze 50% of the land north of the 51st parallel and put enormous obstacles in front of any kind of development project on the rest,” he said.

Developments such as the vast Ring of Fire mineral deposit in northwestern Ontario and the De Beers diamond mine at Attawapiskat would never have been developed if this act had been in place 20 years ago, Hudak said

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