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Voter Discontent Could Boost Ontario PCs Fortunes

Voters in the province of Ontario are tired of being overtaxed and just treated as another source of revenue for an ever- ballooning government bureaucracy. Ontarians now want a return to fiscal sanity and a strong hand on the teller of government.

Source Toronto Sun

Voters know what they don’t want: They’re tired of posturing, dirty tricks and taxation.

The pollsters at Ipsos- Reid have been plumbing the depths of voter wrath — and have come up with some surprising numbers.

For the first time since he was re-elected in 2007, Dalton McGuinty is trailing the PC leader in the polls.

Ipsos figures show the PCs at 36%, have a narrow lead over the Liberals, at 35%.

The NDP is at 18% and Greens are at 11%.

Sure, a slim 1% margin hardly makes Tory Tim Hudak a shoo-in for the premier, but it gives the Tories a needed boost.

That figure isn’t the most important one. On every question, the Tories were ahead. A whopping 64% of those polled want a change in government.

What’s most surprising about the figures is that Hudak is largely unknown. It’s not so much Hudak they’re voting for as it is McGuinty they’re voting against.

They want anyone but him.

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