Why is Sgro Secret Deal Still Secret

In June Liberal MP Judy Sgro was found to be in violation of some ethics codes by the house. Why isn’t the rest of the Canadian media not covering this story and trying to get to the bottom of this .  Normally the media would be all over this story like a slobbering dog, a disgraced politician making secret deals behind closed doors  it looked like it had front-page written all over it.

However most of the chattering classes in Ottawa are too busy with trying to figure out who’s on which enemies list and other souped-up news items for the silly season between summer and the start of Parliament.

Source Toronto Sun
Sgro declined to explain how she had fixed her problem or address claims made by two independent sources that she was forced to pay back $100,000.

In a statement, Sgro simply said she had resolved matters in a confidential agreement with the highly secretive Board of Internal Economy, an all-party committee of MPs that deals with financial matters.

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