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Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak’s Three Priorities

It’s not hard to make priorities when you listen to the people and you know what you want to do.
Source Ottawa Citizen

“We’ve set three priorities for this session,” Hudak says of his Opposition MPPs. The first will be defending “the family budget” from the increasing burden of taxes and fees in Ontario.

Hudak says one message came through loud and clear during a summer spent touring the province: “Life is increasingly unaffordable under Dalton McGuinty.”

Priority 2 for the Tories will be cashing in on the growing public anger with hydro rates. Hudak said he will be attacking runaway growth in bureaucracy and rates in Ontario’s energy sector that are crushing family budgets and “turning the lights off” at industrial employers.

The second priority will include attacking the $7-billion wind and solar power deal the Liberals have signed with Korean giant Samsung — the one that’s supposed to produce thousands of green jobs in Windsor and Essex County.

And finally, the third priority for the PCs this fall will be “rooting out waste in the government and redirecting it to services,” Hudak says.

That third priority includes Hudak continuing his attacks on the Local Health Integration Networks, which his party says divert $250 million per year away from front-line health care to an unneeded and unwanted new layer of health care bureaucracy in Ontario.

The only part of their recent record the Liberals seemed to want to defend Monday was the $50 tax credit for children’s activities the party announced this month. And even that bit of supposed good news is more of “an insult” to working families than it is a tax credit, Hudak scoffs.

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