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Better Late Than Never For McGuinty

The Premier has finally discovered social media can be used as a way to connect with voters. Although this is a new frontier for McGuinty, Tim Hudak has been leading the way on online social advocacy in Ontario.

When people show up and tell me they’re unhappy with certain things, you can’t help but say you know, I better make sure I give full thought to where we move next on this score. When people are tweeting at me, I get that.”

The rock ‘n roll and twitter wars I can’t take it anymore, here is a comparison of each of the twitter accounts of all the party leaders in Ontario.

It is clear  Tim Hudak is a leader online and in the polls. A general strategy for any politician is not to follow anyone under the sun, but make a concerted effort to reach out to your core supporters and base. This populist approach might pay off during election time.

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