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Harper Distances Canada From The Hermit Kingdom

For all intents and purposes Canada is closing shop in the hermit Kingdom of North Korea. Today the Canadian government announced a series of tougher sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea . As well the government is pushing  for the United nations Security Council to take a united position on the communist dictatorship.

From National Post 

OTTAWA – The Harper government will announce Thursday tightened Canadian sanctions against North Korea as part a plan to punish that nation for its continued “aggression” on the world stage.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon will reveal details of the sanctions, which come on top of controls unveiled earlier this year by Canada.

There will be reduced trade and investment with North Korea, and Canada’s already fragile diplomatic relations with the country – there is no Canadian ambassador in the country – will be downgraded further.

” It is deeply troubling that a regime routinely unable to provide for its own people should invest so much of its effort and wealth into its weapons programs.

“Canada continues to work in concert with our allies to address these issues.  We hope that the United Nations Security Council will recognize the gravity of these tests, and respond appropriately with a unified voice.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

In contrast to the Harper government’s resolute stands the Obama administration is taking a wait-and-see attitude to the north Korean threat.

From Reuters

One can argue that … before there’s a transition there are opportunities (or) argue that there would be better opportunities after a transition,” he said. “And I don’t think we take a position on that.”
“We are making proposals. We’re looking to do things. And if they do them before the transition occurs because the current leader is looking for a legacy, that would be great. But I don’t think we can pin a policy on an assumption that that would be the case,” he said.

It is heartening to see the conservative government in Canada take a firm line against one of the world’s bully’s and tin-pot dictatorships

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