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Hudak Pledges Flat Rates For Families

It’s all about affordability and fairness for families.

Source Toronto Star

Not every family is going to meet Dalton McGuinty’s definition of an ideal family,” Hudak told reporters after the speech.

“So he’s got to give an option to the senior citizen who Dalton McGuinty is lecturing to get up at two in the morning to do her wash, or the shift worker who’s impacted. So offer choice to consumers.”

“Those who can adapt their behaviour should be given a time of use structure that will reward conservation, but for the families whop cannot they should be given the choice at the very least of a flat rate.”

In his speech, Hudak slammed the Liberals for using energy policy to promote high cost renewable energy projects.

“Energy policy is about economics,” he said. “Stop treating it like a social program.”

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what do you think about the proposal  and do you think nuclear and other strategies could work?


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