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It Is McGuinty, Not Harris

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The scarce commentary of Claire Hoy is right on the mark on this occasion. He clearly outlines why Ontarians should have misgivings about reelecting the Ontario Liberals and Dalton McGuinty.

From Claire Hoy

It was McGuinty, not Harris, who made a stage show during his first successful campaign by publicly signing a document promising not to raise taxes, only to impose his health tax, one of the largest single tax hits in Ontario history.

It was McGuinty, not Harris, who tried to sneak the ill-fated Eco Tax through without any public knowledge or consultation, only to retreat in the face of widespread public anger.

It was McGuinty, not Harris, who forced the hated HST upon us, without the courtesy of mentioning the tax in his last campaign.

It is McGuinty, not Harris, who has spent like the proverbial drunken sailor while in office, wracking up a horrible $20-billion deficit and nearly doubling the provincial debt to $220 billion.

It was McGuinty – aided by current Toronto mayoralty hopeful George Smitherman – who wasted $1 billion in the E-Health scandal.

And for all the attacks against Harris by McGuinty over his mishandling of the Ipperwash disaster, it is McGuinty who has overseen the ongoing shame of Caledonia.

It is McGuinty, not Harris, (and again aided by Smitherman), who is responsible for Ontario hydro rates continuing to go through the stratosphere thanks largely to his ill-considered plans to spend billions backing his highly questionable – and outrageously expensive – Green Energy policy.

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