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Ontario PCs Launch New Survey To Connect With Voters

As the Ontario Liberals are content  in slinging mud and depicting the PC party as a bunch of Vandals about to sack the eternal city. Tim Hudak has decided if not to take the high road at least be more constructive. By reaching out to voters in a new survey that will hopefully tap into the pulse  of the electorate in time for the 2011 election in Ontario. As well here’s one of the best defenses of the Harris record I’ve read to date.

Opposition Leader Tim Hudak says “from the environment to taxes to education” the Tories want to let people have their say on how Ontario can do better.
The Tories want to know what kind of tax relief will best help families and what are the best ways to create good, private-sector jobs.
The questions also make it clear tax cuts will be a big part of the Conservative agenda, asking if the HST should be reduced or eliminated.
More private delivery of social services is also on the survey, along with a hard line on labour, proposing cuts to the size of the public service.

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