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McGuinty Wearing Out His Welcome

Term limits for political leaders what a novel idea.

From National Post 

Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty is looking at an election a year from now, for what would be his third term. If he had any brains he wouldn’t run, but he fully intends to. McGuinty was lucky he won a second term — many Ontarians had had their fill of him after just four years, but the divided Tories ran such sorry campaign he was all but handed a freebie. This time isn’t likely to be so easy, and he has little to run on: Ontario’s economy is sputtering and choking like an engine on its last few ounces of gas. His spending record is appalling: record deficit, record debt,  almost $10 billion a year in servicing charges. Taxes are up, electricity costs are skyrocketing. So bankrupt is McGuinty of ideas that when Finance Minister Dwight Duncan discovered the deficit would be $1 billion less than forecast,  he immediately spent it to subsidize hydro rates.

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