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CBC To Be Investigated In The New Year

The sinking fortunes of Canada’s national broadcaster was confirmed on Tuesday with the news the House of Commons  will be investigating  CBC’s chronic noncompliance with several access to information requests. The only party that did not support this motion was the liberals. This does not excuse the fact that the Liberals  are probably setting themselves up to walk into an election ready wedge issue.

Brian Lilley has Much more of the dirty details of the corporations mismanagement of  your money. In the meantime  please don’t forget to support blogger Andrew Lawton in his time of need. To join the Facebook group [click here]

From Toronto Sun

Conservative, Bloc and New Democrat MPs all voted Tuesday in favour of having the Commons access to information committee study the CBC in the New Year.

“I wanted to make sure that if we are going to study this that we not only bring CBC executives but bring in a broader cross-section of individuals,” said Tory MP Paul Calandra who tabled the motion calling for the study.

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