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It Started With Meech Lake

Former Liberal insider starts the blame Brian Mulroney campaign.

From Vancouver Sun
According to Jeffrey, it was Mulroney’s attempts to bring Quebec into the constitutional fold and the Meech Lake accord that really did the Liberals in, created a “perfect storm” and instigated caucus division — not based on personalities, but rather on the principles of federalism.

“That pretty much ripped the party asunder,” Jeffrey said, referring to the Meech Lake accord. The academic and former Liberal insider writes that the ordeal is blamed by some for the collapse of the Progressive Conservative Party, but few recognize the impact it had on what was once called Canada’s “natural governing party.”

“Nobody really understands how badly it affected the Liberal party,” she said in an interview. Jeffrey, who worked on Parliament Hill during John Turner’s term as leader of the Liberals, said disagreement over Meech Lake exposed a new cleavage that cut across the traditional divide between business and social Liberals.

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