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Tim Hudak Stands With Israel

From Jewish Tribune
“I am very concerned about the growing tide of antisemitism on our campuses and other areas of the province. We must stamp that out in all its forms,” Hudak told the Jewish Tribune. 
“I was very proud to stand by my colleague [Thornhill MPP] Peter Shurman,” Hudak continued, “who brought forward a resolution in the legislature condemning Israeli Apartheid [Week]. That is a repugnant concept, and I’m very pleased Peter’s motion caused the other parties to back that motion.” 

During the interview Hudak added that his trip to Israel in 2005 helped him see Israel’s security concerns clearer.
“What caught my eye was Israel’s defending its right to exist; [as I was] standing on the border of Lebanon, and seeing Hezbollah flags flying just meters away. It was extraordinarily alarming. I’ll do everything I can as leader to defend the state of Israel.”

In a political climate dominated by pragmatism and polls it is nice to see some politicians stand up for principle.

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