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A Bridge Too Far for McGuinty

For once Premier McGuinty did not give into his inherent instinct to tax or Ban anything that has a pulse. Today  McGuinty suggested in a speech that he would not pursue further additions to the anti smoking legislation in the province of Ontario.

From Winnipeg Free Press

“I think when you get into people’s homes, you’re crossing a line,” said McGuinty.
“It’s pretty intrusive for us to go in there and start to determine what activities are appropriate and what are inappropriate.”
The Liberals have been pretty aggressive in banning smoking in cars with children, or pretty much any public place where it would affect the health of others, McGuinty added.
Some apartment dwellers complain they suffer second-hand smoke from neighbouring units, but McGuinty said that’s a line he’s not comfortable crossing.

This statement is mildly ironic coming from a politician who built a reputation of sorts on a long laundry listof Ban , taxes and backtracks. Is this a step in the right direction for the Premier or just a quick makeover before he hits the hustings  to visit with voters in October.?

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