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Campaigning in the Age of Twitter

If you want to stay connected with the chattering classes in Ottawa, then look no further  then accessing your own twitter account. Increasingly politicos and  professionals have been using this social networking tool to get the word out and stay connected to their own supporters. Currently  only 6% of Canadians are using the popular micro-blogging site. In spite of its limited user base Twitter will be an important tool in breaking news on the campaign trail where it happens when it happens.

The downside of this instant Internet fix it is easier to  report more misinformation faster than ever before.This hypercompetitive media environment,  would be like something out of Mark Twain’s worst nightmare who when hearing of his own demise said “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” One thing is certain twitter is here to stay and along with other social media platforms will it  sure to shape news and opinion in the next federal election .

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