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Ontario PCs Will Cut Government Waste if Elected

I am finally back from a long  hiatus from blogging with a new year brings new challenges and new opportunities. With that said I hope to roll out some additions to the blog in 2011. The first story on the docket for this year, is from last week when Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak promised one of his priorities if elected would be to cut government spending. This is a good straightforward pledge that will rally conservatives of all stripes in time for the election later this year. As well as show  Ontarians that are weary of the taxing and spending ways of the liberals that PC party is serious about restoring fiscal sanity to the province.

From  National Post

Since taking office in 2003, Premier Dalton McGuinty has been the very definition of a “tax-and-spend” Liberal, despite his initial promise to introduce no new taxes. Annual government spending has risen 68.5%, to $125.6-billion, while net debt has grown 51% to $219.5-billion, or $16,612 for every Ontarian. Yet even with all its bloated spending, Ontario lags other provinces in per-capita nurses, doctors, teachers and long-term beds.

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