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Could Ontario Really Go Bankrupt

If you believe the national citizens coalition it could, that’s a scary proposition in itself. One just has to take a look at states like California to see the folly of a bloated bureaucracy and big government.

From NCC

With Ontario now officially a ‘have-not’ province in Canada, we cannot rely on a robust economy and thriving manufacturing sector to drive growth and underwrite foolish spending. Ontario needs more than simple band-aid solutions, or nominal spending freezes – we need to reduce government spending immediately.

“The horse is already out of the barn,” comments Stephen Taylor, Director of the National Citizens Coalition. “This is not a potential problem, on the distant horizon – this is an urgent matter that needs attention now.”

Many Ontarians are wondering where all of this out-of-control spending has been directed, as services have not improved in the province. “After nearly doubling provincial spending in less than eight years, Ontarians’ lives have not improved, our economic situation has not improved and our access to services has flatlined. Where has this money gone?” asks Coleman.

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