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Harper vs. Ignatieff

Today Stephen Harper raised the possibility that he would be open to a one-on-one debate with Liberal leader Michael ignatieff. Of course this won’t happen in our multiparty system  but it’s an interesting hypothetical to ponder. The simple fact of having less participants would increase the possibility of there being a dramatic moment that defines the campaign. 

From National Post
“We could also have a debate between Mr. Ignatieff and myself, since, after all, the real choice in this election is a choice between a Conservative government or an Ignatieff-led government that all of these other parties will support.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Everyone talks about the Mulroney Turner face-off in 1984 as the quintessential example where momentum in a campaign can shift on a dime . Although it be nice to see our leaders square off against each other more often, Politics as in life is the art of the possible and you cannot always get what you want.

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