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Liberals Divided Over Green Energy

Federal and provincial Liberals are at odds over Ontario’s controversial green energy act. Michael Ignatieff  went so far to say that the province’s plans to install more wind turbines raises issues around  democracy .

From QMI Agency
“I haven’t been able to sleep since I’ve seen this. I cry every day. I need your help. I’m going to be part of an involuntary experiment on the health effects of wind turbines on people.”

Speller and Ignatieff sympathized with Morris. Ignatieff said the way wind turbines are being imposed in Ontario “raises an issue about democracy.”

Speller cited the results of a recent survey which found that more than 50% of people in Ontario want more research into the health effects of wind turbines before they become general throughout the province.

The election hasn’t even started and the federal Liberals are already breaking with their provincial cousins.

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