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Ontario Liberals on Carbon Taxes

Yesterday splashed across the front page of the Toronto Sun was an exclusive report on the jet setting ways of Glen Murray the eco-guru. So the question must be asked with everything being equal what is the position of the Ontario Liberals on carbon taxes.? Well here is a few quotes that may give you an idea of what liberals really think .

“McGuinty, who initially opposed a carbon tax, said Liberal Leader Stephane Dion’s “green shift” plan is still a good idea, even though it could slap a hefty bill on emissions from Ontario’s four coal-fired generation plants.”

Premier Dalton McGuinty

Toronto Star Wed Jun 25 2008

“And, Miller’s report adds it is time to discuss putting a price on carbon by undertaking a formal review to compare the merits of emissions trading and a carbon tax.”

Gord Miller  Ontario’s environment commissioner
Tue Jun 01 2010 Toronto Star

“An early and clear price signal is needed to influence the investment decisions by industry in the technology and innovation required to achieve deep reductions.”….This is the time to move the discussion ahead. There is a huge sense of urgency,”

Cabinet minister  Glenn Murray
Reuters published onMon Jan 7, 2008

So far as I can tell the premier thinks a carbon tax would be a good idea. In addition a Ontario cabinet minister believes wholeheartedly that there should be a “sense of urgency” surrounding the issue of carbon taxes.
Finally the provinces own environmental commissioner came to the conclusion that the Ontario government should implement a carbon tax in Ontario. What does this all add up to,

well the Ontario Liberals would probably implement a carbon tax if they could. However for the sake of political expediency the Liberals have put the brakes on that bad political idea for now.

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