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Tories Knocking On The Door Of Fortress Toronto

Officially today Dalton McGuinty’s bad couple of days turned into a bad week with a new poll released showing the surging of the very competitive Ontario Tories  in the traditional Liberal stronghold of the 416 area. Earlier in the week a poll was released ranking McGuinty near the bottom in personal popularity among Canadian Premiers.

Now a party can have one bad poll that’s an aberration,  two is a problem, three has become a trend. If you can combine these latest results with the Nanos poll earlier this month showing the Ontario PCs slightly ahead of the Liberals there’s your trend. Indeed, it has become apparent that Ontarians are hungry for change.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, in many respects the Ontario P.C.’s and their federal cousins are experiencing a renaissance in areas that have not seen a o a conservative  representative for more than  a generation . Now no elections are won and nothing is finalized yet, but  the general uptick for the Conservatives is a good signal of things to come here in Ontario and perhaps across the country. For sure this is great news for political parties however the conservative movement should not stop advocating  for more conservative ideas and approaches in a “Evermore Bluer Canada”!

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