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It’s been nearly a week after the Working Families Coalition took their big close-up by rolling out there first ads on the Oscar telecast in a lead up  to this year’s election. This year the liberal friendly WFC is out to work harder than ever to get the government reelected.
This time will have at least one website tracking their activities. Working families is a website that professes to be nonpartisan and it just wants to get out the word about the WFC. Here’s the list of the websites stated goals.
From website

Transparency: Exposing the actual agenda behind the Working Families Coalition (WFC)

Facts: Documenting how the actions of WFC are directed by active Ontario Liberal Party insiders

Follow the Money: Showing how most of the money received by the WFC comes from taxpayers in Ontario. The McGuinty
Government in return provides WFC funders with millions more of your tax dollars and enacts legislation favourable to WFC funders.

Come Clean: Making Dalton McGuinty come clean and tell the people of Ontario exactly what the funders of the WFC will get for their renewed $5 million investment in third party advertising for the re-election of his government? Dalton – what is the real deal? What did they get last time?

On the surface this initiative looks great,  although I would suggest for any individual who’s interested to do their own research about the WFC.

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