Another Newspaper Endorses the Conservatives

The Tories continue to rack up   endorsements from major media outlets. I would classify this as a tepid  endorsement but a endorsement nonetheless. As well check out the series of endorsements compiled by Dr. Roy.

From The Record.com 

The party best situated to do this is the Conservatives. They have ushered us though a bleak recession. They helped Ontario and British Columbia introduce a harmonized sales tax, which most economists agree is beneficial. The Conservatives efficiently and effectively implemented a stimulus program, even though they were prodded by the opposition to do this. And they have a credible plan for ending deficit spending and making key social programs sustainable.

Our economy is performing better than most other G8 nations, for which the Conservatives deserve some credit. Their corporate tax cuts — already approved by Parliament — are one measure that could potentially boost investment and job growth in this country and it is noteworthy that the Ontario Liberals are also cutting corporate tax rates.

But Canadians have to create a new Parliament with the political parties and parts they have been given. When we weigh all the options, we conclude that despite their abundant flaws, the Conservatives, with their experience and vision, would be best for this country.

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