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CBC prof Has Liberal history

As first noticed by BC blue professor Peter Loewen, has a too close for comfort relationship with Michael ignatieff and the Liberal party.

From Brian Lilley

Peter Loewen, assistant professor of political science at the University of Toronto, is also the director of analytics for the CBC’s online vote selection tool. Vote Compass, a 30 question online tool, is supposed to give voters an idea of what party they are most closely aligned. Critics say it’s biased towards the Liberals.
“I volunteered in 2006,” Loewen says of his work for Ignatieff’s first failed bid for the Liberal leadership. “The nature of that work was that I wrote a couple of policy papers on equalization.”

I don’t know about you but writing a policy paper for a Liberal leadership candidate is a little more intimate than just casual canvassing. Furthermore this sheds more light on the liberal bias at the CBC, like Lucy the state broadcaster has some explaining to do.

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