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Harper Passes With Flying Colors

As one tries to  cut through the MSM’s post debate postmortem that always seems to be a bit of an overkill. This short article gives the most concise and clear indications on how  the leaders fared in last night’s debate

From Global News

Harper and his team should be thrilled with his performance. He spoke directly to Canadians and his mantra was a twist on the famous Bill Clinton adviser James Carville’s line “it’s the economy stupid.”

He referred to an “unnecessary election” caused by bickering (while his opponents bickered), repeated the theme referring to four elections in seven years, and stayed on the message that his government had policies to move the economy forward and create jobs.

He deftly sidestepped one landmine after another. Contempt of parliament, undemocratic leadership style, the leaked auditor general’s report – nothing stuck.

He was calm and used plain and common sense language – he was relatable to the audience.

Most importantly, he was the only leader to effectively communicate his party’s record, platform and principles.

From a communications perspective, he was the clear winner. Whether that translates into more votes and a majority government remains to be seen.

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