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Meet Dr. Kellie Leitch

Simcoe-Grey is going to be one of the more interesting races on election night. I hope the residents of the riding do the “right thing” by electing Kellie Leitch  as their next member of Parliament.

Really, though, it’s no surprise that Leitch has taken it upon herself to cover more of the riding than is possible by someone who travels at a normal foot speed. She is, after all, a classic overachiever.

Raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta by parents who encouraged public service during every dinner conversation, Leitch first volunteered politically at 9 years old, when her father’s best friend ran for a seat in Parliament. She joined the Progressive Conservative Party as soon as she could, at age 14. Asked if she ever considered positioning herself anywhere else than to the right of the political spectrum, Leitch responded, “I grew up in Alberta, man, in the days of Peter Lougheed!” After pausing for comedic effect, she confirmed that no, she’d never seen herself as anything but a conservative.

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