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Michael Ignatieff the Invisible Man

Apparently Michael ignatieff  has been more than a non-factor in his riding of  Etobicoke-Lakeshore and this has some constituents puzzled. Ignatieff is living up to the moniker of the visiting professor in more ways than one.

From Toronto Sun
“I saw him only once, one year ago,” says Nestor Chijani, who owns Nestor’s Barber Shop on The Queensway.

“I saw the limousine and the chauffeur and he came out of the office and went in and drove away. That’s it.”

Chijani’s shop faces the former headquarters of Ignatieff’s constituency office.

The windows have been covered up and the only way you’d know Ignatieff was ever there is a sign, which still contains the MP’s name in giant red letters.

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