Ontario Doctors Pleased with Hudak’s Pledge on Healthcare

Today Dr. Stewart Kennedy issued a statement on the half of the Ontario Medical Association. Commending the Ontario PCs and Tim Hudak   for adopting some of the Association’s recommendations and making them a key component in the upcoming platform.

Ontario’s doctors were pleased to learn that the Ontario PC Party has included several health care policy initiatives in their election platform as recommended by the Ontario Medical Association.  In January, Ontario’s doctors released, ‘Better care. Healthier patients. A stronger Ontario.’ and called for increasing long-term care capacity and investments into home support services, which were announced today by Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak as key planks of their health care platform.

Ontario’s doctors are especially pleased with the commitment to increase the number of residency positions for Ontario students who have received their medical training abroad and want to come home to practice.  Ensuring every person has access to a physician has been a top priority for Ontario’s doctors and this policy initiative is another good step towards achieving that objective.

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