Citizen Journalists As Second-Class Citizens

At least this is what could happen to  bloggers. If Québec culture minister Christine St.-Pierre gets her way. On Monday the minister. outlined regulations that would attempt to sanction the profession of journalism in Québec. Another round of regulation shouldn’t come as a surprise in La Belle province. More importantly, this raises the question.

From National Post

At the heart of the project is legislation that would define the “status of professional journalists.” The stated intention is to distinguish those dedicated to “serving the public interest” from “amateur bloggers.” Those admitted to the rank of professional journalist would enjoy unspecified “advantages or privileges,” such as “better access to government sources.”

Why does a government feel compelled to legislate, who can and cannot be a “real” journalist.  Just like the establishment media, citizen journalists have to build their list of contacts and credibility. What do you think about this very disturbing development in Québec. Let me know by voting in the poll .

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