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Dalton Imitating Dion

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Dalton McGuinty gets high marks for going green on the campaign trail, just like another Liberal leader Stéphane Dion. The Problem for the Premier is that more Ontarians are concerned about what’s in their wallet. Then, when power.

From National Post
Yet the Liberals are out on the campaign trail, not only defending the deal but promoting it as a great achievement. Without it, they insist, 16,000 jobs will be lost and billions in investment will leave the province — talking about the figures as if those jobs already exist, and the investments made, when in reality they’re just a projection dreamed up by the Liberals. “The economic impact of killing 16,000 green energy jobs would be like an asteroid hitting the earth,” insisted Liberal candidate Greg Crone on Monday. “It’s a planet killer that will throw Ontario into an economic dark age.”

Nice imagery Greg, but the impact of “killing” jobs that don’t exist is the same as the impact of an asteroid that doesn’t exist: nothing happens. The earth doesn’t incinerate, the province doesn’t plunge into a dark age, people aren’t reduced to foraging for nuts and berries. Mr. Dion tried convincing the country that a similar apocalypse would ensue unless he was elected prime minister so he could implement his Green Shift, which was going to cut income taxes and introduce an environmental nirvana to the country. People didn’t buy it, and we know what happened. No apocalypse, except for the Liberals.

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