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Remembering Jack Layton

I was stunned to hear about the sudden passing of Jack Layton leader of the NDP earlier this morning. Although I ideologically disagree with much of what the NDP stands for. One has to admire the drive and tenacity Mr. Layton had in pursuing his vision of Canada.

The flag is flying at half mast on Parliament Hill and Condolences have been pouring in from politicians throughout the political spectrum.  You can read Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s statementhere, as well as the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford  here.

On the social media side of things, a Facebook page has been started R.I.P. Jack Layton 1950-2011 . As of writing, it has over 5519 likes.  Truly Jack Layton made a contribution to Canadian politics, and today the Canadian political landscape is not quite the same.

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