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Where is the Liberals platform

inquisitive minds want to know.

From: Toronto Sun

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has already fired up his campaign bus, after unveiling his “Changebook” platform in May.
New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath wasn’t far behind, releasing her main platform — “Change That Puts People First” — in June.
Unofficially, Grits have been putting off questions about when the big reveal will be by saying the government has eight years of policy behind it and Ontarians have a pretty clear idea of what the party is about.
“If they’re running on their record, they’re in deep trouble,” New Democrat MPP Gilles Bisson said.
“What are they going to promise to Ontarians that they’re not going to break this time? We’ve had two elections where Liberals have promised everything from not raising your taxes to doing things, and they’ve basically disappointed people a whole lot.
“So they’re in a bad spot.”
PC MPP Lisa MacLeod said she suspects the delay is not because the Liberals don’t have a plan — it’s because they don’t think the plan will be popular.
“They’re likely to raise taxes and that’s why they don’t want Ontario families to know,” MacLeod said.
“They want to drag that out well past the next election, so they can bring in either an HST increase or a carbon tax — or both — into the mix.”

In contrast to a series of broad promises from the Ontario Liberal party. the Ontario PCs has clearly outlined, where they want to take the province with change book.

Of course the liberals are going to put together some type of platform, but really, they’re pitched now comes down to two words. Trust us. Well the people of Ontario deserve better. That’s why Tim Hudak and his team started a week earlier to bring their message of change to the people of the province.

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